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The Doctor Roberto Incer Barquero Library, located in Managua, is designated to promote Nicaraguan culture. The library has 67,000 books, free internet, a newspaper archive, and economic information from the Central Bank. The library also has a gallery in the same building, where notable Nicaraguan paintings, as well as pieces from new promising artists, are exhibited. In the numismatic hall there is a permanent exhibition of Nicaraguan coins, bills, and memorial medals from throughout Nicaragua's history.[43]

All of these highways are in good condition, with little traffic congestion. Infrastructure on the highways is well maintained. This also tends to be true for cities and towns that are served or are in close distance with the freeways. However, this does not yield truthfully for cities and towns who tend to be considerably further from the main highway roads. Nicaraguan bus companies, often referred to as Chicken Buses, serve both urban and rural areas to remedy the lack of sufficient infrastructure that plagues these towns or villages.

Furthermore, contraceptives were highly unknown, and women have few methods to choose from. There is an opportunity to increase the use of LARC, which have been found to be highly cost-effective [26] and safe across all age-groups [27]. Although intrauterine devices (IUD) are freely and generally available in these countries, health providers do not always offer them [28] and rumors discourage use [28], [29]. Unfortunately, supply-targeted interventions have not effectively improved uptake [29]. The recent introduction of contraceptive implants opens a new possibility for poor women. The simpler insertion procedure and long-acting effects may encourage increased promotion and use. More needs to be known about the implant's acceptability and continued use among poor populations.

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Hola! My name is Emilia Carrillo. I am an Industrial Engineer turned IB Spanish teacher. I started sharing my teaching materials in 2009 when I took time off work to be with my children. Little did I know that Spanish4Teachers was going to be such a big hit! Now the site compiles not only my materials, but materials shared by many generous teachers. Why free Because collaboration enhances teaching!Would you like to share your materials with the community - Please drop me an email!You can read about tech integration in the Spanish4Teachers TechBlog. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. 1e1e36bf2d


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