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Ssh Jar 64bit Fixed

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Ssh Jar 64bit Fixed

This is the second early version of the 64bit version, and it is still based on the 32bit version, as described above. The menu items have been updated, but many of the items in the upper right corner remain untouched. The 24th item in the product information (new item) has now been added, namely "SAP GUI 64bit".

This is the third early version of the 64bit version. The version is based on the 32bit version, but it provides several changes compared to the second early version. Therefore, it could be called a pre-release version.

However, it is not a sprint to the finish line as we still have a hard time getting the 64bit version ready. Therefore I want to send you this blog post as a report of what we actually did, to get you prepared in case you do not succeed me there.

Our first task was to not make you wait too long. So we developed a 32bit version (swc) and moved on to deploy it. But we discovered a few things along the way, which also affect the 64bit version. We therefore have to write this blog post, to give you an overview of the current state of affairs.

As I already mentioned we had to deal with the limitations of the browser when it comes to handling Java. But the browser was just the first step on the path to deliver a 64bit version and there were some other issues to be tackled as well.

The first issue comes from the fact that a 64bit version must be integrated to the execution environment of the Desktop Office (which is a.exe program). Unfortunately what the Desktop Office has to offer the code in addition to a browser is not straightforward. 3d9ccd7d82


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